An Improver’s Top Energy Drainers and Gainers


Improvers are typically the most compassionate Authentic Mom Type.

The word compassion means to “suffer with.” Due to their depth and propensity for the more serious side of life, they are able to suffer with others and be present in their pain.  But in order for an Improver to have compassion to give to others, she must first receive it, often in the form of self-care.

Self-care for others may not be self-care for you.  Based upon the way you were designed, certain things will drain your energy and certain things will restore your energy. It’s important that you know your particular stressors so that you can evaluate the situations in which you find yourself, understand their effect on you, and then extend grace in the form of self-care. 

If your best friend or husband are different personality types (and usually they are), they probably won’t be drained by these stressors or energized by these self-care acts like you are. Don’t worry, nothing is wrong with you.

Top 6 Energy Drainers:


  1. Large CrowdsSince you tend to be a loner that prefers space to work, lots of people stress you out.
  2. Unclear Expectations. If you don’t know what is expected, you can’t make it your best work.
  3. Lack of Information. While others can fly by the seat of their pants, you need cold hard facts.
  4. Disorder. Disarray, chaos, and messiness make your head spin.
  5. Broken Rules. Since you respect the established order, it’s hard for you when people break rules.
  6. Fast Deadlines. When time is of the essence, you cannot apply the precision and detail you prefer.

Top 5 Energy Gainers:


Here are five things you can do for yourself that will refill, refuel, and refresh you as an Improver Mom.

  1. Spiritual Depth. You need to steep yourself in God’s word, ask the hard questions, explore different schools of thought, and understand the deep and hidden things of God.
  2. Solitude. With a sensitivity to stimuli, you need space to think, reflect, and be.
  3. Order. “God hasn’t invited us into a disorderly, unkempt life but into something holy and beautiful—as beautiful on the inside as the outside”1 Thessalonians 4:7 MSG). God smiles when you alphabetize your spice rack.
  4. Beauty. Art, nature, and music offer opportunities to take in beauty.
  5. Sensitivity. You don’t need the whole world to understand you, but you do need a few people who get you and will take the time to draw you out.

Dear Improver, please take care of yourself.

When you do, you will be stewarding the life you’ve been given so that you can lovingly steward those under your care.

For more information, check out the Improver ebook or What’s Your Mom Type?: Discovering Gods Design for You.



There are four Authentic Personality Types:

Doers: Motivators who direct, dominate, and get stuff done.

Stabilizers: Peace-lovers who comfort, calm, and listen.

Connecters: Communicators who inspire, energize, and make life fun.

Improvers: Thinkers who prepare, plan, and perfect.

Learn more about the energy gainers and drainers of each and every type. This way you can understand the triggers of others and help them back up.