Do you find that in a world of social media comparisons, urgent to-do lists, and the endless pressure to be someone you’re not, it’s really hard to know your true self? Do you feel torn between what society, church and other people say you should be and who you really are? Do you ever feel lost in the constant busyness of motherhood and wonder if you will ever be found?

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In What’s Your Mom Type Dale Wilsher unlocks the mystery of your best self.

  1. Are you the Connecter Mom who inspires, energizes and entertains?
  2. Are you the Doer Mom who directs, drives, and gets stuff done?
  3. Are you the Improver Mom who prepares, plans, and perfects?
  4. Are you the Stabilizer Mom who comforts, calms, and listens?

When you know your mom type, you will know the best you have to offer your family. Dale will show you how your weaknesses can draw you closer to God and how your personality, when infused by Him, can lead to a more confident, beautiful, and authentic version of you.

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