You were designed with your family in mind.
Learn what your Mom Type can do.




Stop trying to be everything to everyone.

Your children have a ton of needs. That doesn't change who you are.
Love and lead them by being authentically you.


 A self-paced digital course to help moms love and lead in their authentic design



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Parent Confidently • Love Intentionally • Live Purposefully

What's so great about this course?

Easy to use

Just like listening to your favorite podcast, this audio course is simple to use. You can listen at home, in your car, or while doing chores around the house. Then print out the quizzes and charts and grow as if you've got your own personal life coach by your side.

Valuable teaching

Based on the award winning book, What’s Your Mom Type? Discovering God’s Design for You, this self-paced course delivers eight hours of insightful Biblical teaching crafted to teach you all about your authentic personality and how it can bless and serve your family.

Mom Q & A

In addition to the teaching lessons, you’ll hear real life questions and comments from moms just like you. Questions like, What if my personality is too much for my kids? What do I say when my husband criticizes my weaknesses? How do I set boundaries with my family?

What moms are saying

This is the handbook for how to live with more purpose and authenticity based on who God designed me to be.

Naomi, mom of 2 yr old

I was worried this course would take too much time, but it turned out to be worth every single minute I spent listening.

Lindsay, mom of 3 & 6 yr old

Before this course I was feeling inadequate as a mom, but now I really appreciate my gifts and understand my purpose.

Marce, mom of 2 teens

At first it felt selfish to focus on me, but what I learned has helped me to be a much better wife and mom.

Annie, mom of four

It's so easy...


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Be a better mom

What can you learn from each module?

Module 1  Your unique reflection of God

Learn about the strengths of your Mom Type that have been wired into your design.

Module 2  What's wrong with me as a mom?

Stop comparing yourself to other moms and get clear on the weaknesses of your Mom Type.

Module 3  Making Godly decisions for your family

Create a list of your core values and learn how to use them when making choices each day.

Module 4  Identifying your mom stressors

Discover the triggers of your Mom Type and the specific activities that will calm you down.

Module 5  Fighting the lie of your Mom Type

Identify the critical voice of the enemy and learn how to hear and speak truth.

Module 6  Boundaries for your Mom Type

Clarify your areas of responsibility and overcome your tendency to rescue or persecute your kids.

Module 7  Leading your kids well

Learn how to identify and lead the unique personality type of your children.

Module 8  Living your mom mission

Craft a mom mission statement based upon your distinctive design and priorities.


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