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There is no greater tragedy than unrealized potential.

What is your lack of clarity and direction keeping you from?

How much time have you wasted on what you should be instead of who you could be?

What could happen, if you knew your true purpose and had a plan?


Dale Wilsher
Life & Career Coach 


Hi, I'm Dale.

I know how frustrating it is to live with a sense that you were designed for more, but lack the time or energy to move ahead. I know how hard it is to discern your calling or just your next step amidst the noise of frenzied schedules, impossible expectations, and strained relationships. But I also know that things can be different. Very different.

I've worked with hundreds of ambitious, faith-based women over the last seven years who were ready for more. By tapping into their authentic design, they discovered their unique path and accomplished more than they ever thought possible. If you are a woman on the edge of something brand new ...maybe looking to build your dream business, get your ideal job, or live and love without any regrets...I can help you.

Let's design your inspiring future together!

Life & Work Direction

“I’m a completely different person than I was a year ago! I felt lost and wasn't living in an authentic, meaningful way. Dale helped me figure out who I am and what I want to do. I feel so amazing now.”

Elizabeth Stanley, Teacher

"As a business owner I was doing everything myself, but after working with Dale, I have completely revamped my strategy to play to my strengths. I have the knowledge and courage to unapologetically be myself."

Tam Stone, Interior Designer



"The path from motherhood back to a career is confusing and difficult. Dale helped me navigate it by rediscovering what is most important to me rather than following what I'm expected to do." 

Jackie Hobbins, Artist

We are with you all the way

Understand your purpose

Now is the time to step back and re-examine your strengths, clarify your core values, and clearly define your calling. With a professional coach by your side, you'll learn exactly what you have to offer and how to leverage your passions and abilities for ultimate impact.

Create your plan

It's hard to envision the future by yourself. You need an experienced guide to help you see the possibilities, establish your goals, and  develop a strategic plan. Together we outline your short-term and long-term steps so you'll know where you're going and how you are going to get there. 

Live Your Dream

Change happens best when someone believes in you. Getting past self-doubt and putting your plan into action requires personal accountability and constant encouragement. Let me partner with you to guide your way, cheer you on, and make your dreams come true.

How it works:


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At Your Authentic Personality® we know that you are a woman who is committed to tapping your full potential so that you can serve at the highest level. In order to do that, you need clarity, direction, and an actionable plan. The problem is that it’s hard to discern your authentic path from the one other people expect you to take which makes you feel frustrated and confused. We believe no woman should ever feel stuck or have to settle. We know how hard it is to identify and step into your fullest life and truest work. That’s why Dale has spent thousands of hours coaching, educating, and helping women implement their unique design and authentic purpose.

Here’s how she does it:

1. First, she creates your comprehensive strength blueprint and ideal environment analysis so you can understand exactly what you have to offer and the best places for you to do serve.

2. Next, Dale helps you sort through all your ideas, see new possibilities, and then craft and implement a customized plan for an inspiring and impactful future.

3. Finally, she makes you aware of and shows you how to overcome the three major obstacles in your path (your limiting beliefs, weak boundaries, and emotional triggers) that will compromise your relationships and threaten the fullness of your life. 


So, book a complimentary call. And in the meantime, take the quiz, Are You Living Your Fullest Life?, so you can stop coasting and start contributing yourself to a world that desperately needs your gifts and passion.

A bend in the road is not the end of the road…
unless you fail to make the turn.

Helen Keller

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