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"People don't buy WHAT you do; they buy WHY you do it."
Simon Sinek

Now, more than ever, people seek meaning. No longer satisfied with just a good product or service, consumers want to be inspired by your mission and engaged in something bigger than themselves. Employees are no different. They want their work to be more than a job or a career. They want their work to have meaning.

When you tap into your purpose as an individual and an organization, you ignite your brand with loyal fans and devoted customers, your workforce with energy and engagement, and your business with innovative vision and powerful contribution.

Dale can help you define yourself like never before and create a meaning mindset for you and your organization.


Your audience needs a message with meaning

Keynote Topics

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The Purposeful mindset 

How to Think your Way to Greater Resilience and Deeper Meaning

With job resignation at an all time high, you not only have to work hard to keep your people, but to help them engage like never before.  Your organizational culture is key. Are you fostering an environment that honors the whole person and helps them see the deeper meaning in their work?

For most professionals the objective of work is either a paycheck or a path to success, leaving you with an uninspiring choice between apathy or ambition, and denying yourself of deep engagement and significant work.

In order to unlock your best work and make your highest contribution, you need to cultivate a meaning mindset around your job, thinking differently and more deeply about the tasks at hand. By changing expectations and seeing clear connections to your WHY, you'll be recharged and reignited to do work that really matters.

Meaningful Moments

How to keep the urgent from hijacking what's most important

The average employee is only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes per day*, resulting in decreased profits and increased stress.  It's not just a time management problem, it's a brain issue that stems from a lack of awareness and poor self-management.

With all that you have to do: urgent demands, crazy expectations, and a pace of work that never seems to end, is it possible to make meaningful progress toward things that matter most? Especially in an age of unprecedented attention-hijacking in which you are being patterned everyday to react to urgency instead of pursuing resiliency and legacy.  

The answer is Yes! If you're sick of living in a rush, Dale will show you how to get ahead of the chaos, slow the hurry, and bring out your best self and your highest contribution.

epic boundaries

Restoring your personal and professional integrity

Are you tired of picking up the slack for people on your team? Sick of feeling guilty, resentful, and oh so responsible? Want to make the kind of choices that advocate for the highest good?

Then you'll need more than just everyday boundaries. You'll need epic boundaries: heroic borders that hem in the highest integrity and block out anything that threatens your promise or the potential in others.

You'll walk away fired up to do the right thing, clear on what to say, and more courageous than you've ever been as you think about boundaries in a positive and powerful way.


What audience members & event planners are saying

“Dale had us all glued to our seats, eager to hear more.”

Dale is an excellent story teller and does a great job leveraging technology in a virtual environment.”

"Authentic, impactful! Without exception recommend Dale!"


Wow your Audience with a Speaker who Delivers

Provide an Enriching Experience

Dale is a proven motivator with an uncanny ability to make her audiences laugh and think. Her messages, artfully woven together with real life stories and fresh insight, are highly engaging and guaranteed to move your audience to their next level.

Save Time by Working with a Professional

Dale has delivered hundreds of presentations to audiences ranging from exhausted parents to restless professionals. As a member of the National Speakers Association, she knows how to grab an audience and hold their attention even in a virtual world.

Avoid the Hassle of Speaking Divas

Dale is committed to helping you succeed. She's enjoyable to work with and able to customize her content to your needs. She highly responsive and can make your life easier by accommodating shorter lead times and shrinking budgets.

Speaking Reviews


"Dale is an excellent story teller and leverages technology for both visual and auditory learners. Having seen her live DISC presentation, I can say that she is just as engaging virtually."

Cynthia Molina, CEO
Boulder Valley Women’s Health


"Dale knows how to engage an audience and keep it authentic. Her content on meaning and mindset was so impactful in helping us build a team attitude for our company."

Jack O'Connor, CEO
The Denver 100


"I would highly recommend Dale to anyone looking to hire a well-spoken and engaging speaker." 

Chris Kerrigan, Director
Medical Staff Services, Banner Health


“Dale is an accomplished motivator and speaker with an authentic, relational style that encourages and inspires others. I highly recommend Dale as a leader in teaching, coaching or motivational speaking.”

Christine Geerts, President
5280 Success, Inc.


"Dale’s sessions were informative, thought-provoking, heartfelt, and interactive.  We would highly recommend her for any women’s group."

Matthew McCauley, M.D.President
Christian Ophthalmology Society


"Dale Wilsher’s message on personality is timeless. She had us all glued to our seats and eager to hear more. Her delivery commanded attention and we all left inspired." 

Karen Hull
Stonecroft Chapter Chairman


"Dale’s virtual talk was one of the best presentations we’ve had. She has this ability to weave compelling storytelling with pertinent information in a timely and enjoyable manner. It left us all wanting to know, What is my Why?"

Julia Davis, Executive Director
Carbon Valley Chamber


"Dale delivers well-researched content in a way that participants can grab onto and integrate into their everyday lives. She is well-prepared and engaging."

Carla Foote, Principal
Fine Print Editorial

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