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Dale brings a fresh, modern, and female perspective to the age old question, Who am I and what am I here for?  

Since 2007 Dale has delivered hundreds of inspirational presentations on the topics of authenticity and personality to audiences ranging from non-profits and businesses to parents and churches. Her messages, artfully woven together with real life stories and relevant wisdom, are highly engaging and down right practical. Known for her ability to blend humor and rich content, Dale is gifted at connecting with professional women on a personal level to motivate them to break free from trying to be everything to everyone so they can become and offer the extraordinary someone they’ve been designed to be.

what audience members are saying:

“Dale helped me start my journey to live a purpose-filled life.”

“So powerful! Dale showed me how and where I need to grow.”

“Dale was a beautiful blend of vulnerability, humor and empowerment.”

Keynote Topics


Great for corporate women, solopreneurs and anyone needing to find their voice.

Tired of picking up the slack for irresponsible people on your team? Sick of being asked to do things you hate making you unproductive? Do you feel misunderstood or guilty when you stand up for yourself in a meeting?

Welcome to the confusing world of boundaries for business women. As the gender wired and socialized for social connection, women often struggle to find the balance between their need to belong and their need to be distinct in the workplace.

In this message Dale shows how to embrace both your people and your purpose with authenticity, integrity, and authority. By reframing what it means to be a jerk, she will explain the benefits to being your unique self at work and home.

You’ll walk away with a script of specific things to say so you can live and lead with confidence and intention.


Great for business owners, professional women, and crazy busy people.

Urgent demands. Endless responsibility. Crazy expectations. That is the pressure that most women face today at work and home, all because there’s just not enough time.

But what if…

  • You could get ahead of the chaos manage your schedule with clear intention?
  • You knew what and how to choose even on the busiest of days?
  • You could keep the urgent from hijacking what’s most important to you?

By showing you how to first authentically define, then protect, and finally choose what’s important, Dale will show you how to manage time productively with intention and purpose.

Let go of who you should be, embrace all you could be

Great for high performance women pressured by the "shoulds."

People are different. Sometimes wacky and wonderful, sometimes strange and annoying, but all definitely unique. As a life coach and expert in authentic personality and DISC profiles, Dale will entertain and educate your audience on the mystery behind those differences. She will also show you how to effectively communicate and collaborate with others, embracing their distinction, appreciating their contributions, and understanding their needs.

Bringing a fresh and modern perspective to the age old questions of Who am I? and What am I here for?, Dale will help you see yourself and those around through a lens of positivity, to gain insight into the intention behind behavior and the strength behind weakness.

You’ll walk away with a smile on your face and a greater sense of kindness and respect for all the crazy people in your life including you.

Workshops for All Audiences

The DISC assessment is the most widely used personality tool in corporate America, allowing individuals and organizations to operate at their highest potential through an increased awareness of their own strengths and limitations and recognition of the natural behavioral tendencies of others.

Dale’s deep understanding and appreciation for each style is reflected in her positive and affirming tone and desire to bring heightened vision and value to each member of the audience.

Training workshops, designed to be fun, informative and productive, vary in length. Two hour, half day and full day workshops are available. These sessions include ice-breakers and group activities to engage the audience, a detailed explanation of individual and group personality reports, as well as a comprehensive overview of all four DISC types—their communication style, needs, fears, strengths, priorities, and weaknesses.

All workshops include a follow-up program to keep DISC effective and relevant in your personal and professional life.

Workshops for Moms

Ever feel like you’re not good enough as a mom? Most moms do. The pressure to be everything to everyone, which comes from an unrealistic definition of “a good mom,” dilutes your strengths, kills your contentment, and wears you out.  Instead, Dale will teach you about your slice of God’s image, the unique portion of God’s character that you were chosen to reflect both to your family and the world.  Whether you are a Doer, Connecter, Improver, or Stabilizer you’ll walk away with a renewed sense of purpose and a fresh perspective of your place in God’s family.

Choose from:

  • What’s Your Mom Type?: Get to know each other and yourself in this overview of the 4 Mom Types.
  • Self-Care for Your Mom Type: The 6 stressors of your Mom Type and the 5 things you need to restore your soul.
  • Finding the Abundant Life as a Mom: Learn about your own authentic blueprint, materials, and labor so you can build a Life to the Full.

"Dale continues to amaze me every time I hear her speak. Her topics are fresh, inspiring and she provokes change and personal growth. She has given me so many tools that has made a positive impact on me as a mom, a wife and a leader — her teachings have even penetrated how my family approaches life. I am forever grateful for her wisdom, talent and commitment to teachings that are rooted in Christ."

—April Stahl, MOPS Coordinator, Cherry Hills Community Church

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