What audience members & event planners are saying

“Dale had us all glued to our seats, eager to hear more.”

Dale is an excellent story teller and does a great job leveraging technology in a virtual environment.”

"Authentic, impactful! Without exception recommend Dale!"


Speaking Clients


"Dale is an excellent story teller and leverages technology for both visual and auditory
learners. Having seen her live DISC presentation, I can say that she is just as
engaging virtually."

Cynthia Molina, CEO
Boulder Valley Women’s Health


"Dale knows how to engage an audience and keep it authentic. Her content on meaning and mindset was so impactful in helping us build a team attitude for our company."

Jack O'Connor, CEO
The Denver 100


"I would highly recommend Dale to anyone looking to hire a well-spoken and engaging

Chris Kerrigan, Director
Medical Staff Services, Banner Health


“Dale is an accomplished motivator and speaker with an authentic, relational style that
encourages and inspires others. I highly recommend Dale as a leader in teaching, coaching or
motivational speaking.”

Christine Geerts, President
5280 Success, Inc.


"Dale’s sessions were informative, thought-provoking, heartfelt, and interactive.  We would highly recommend her for any women’s group."

Matthew McCauley, M.D.President
Christian Ophthalmology Society


"Dale Wilsher’s message on personality is timeless. She had us all glued to our seats and eager
to hear more. Her delivery commanded attention and we all left inspired."

Karen Hull
Stonecroft Chapter Chairman


"Dale’s virtual talk was one of the best presentations we’ve had. She has this ability to weave
compelling storytelling with pertinent information in a timely and enjoyable manner. It left us all
wanting to know, What is my Why?"

Julia Davis, Executive Director
Carbon Valley Chamber


"Dale delivers well-researched content in a way that participants can grab onto and integrate into their everyday lives. She is well-prepared and engaging."

Carla Foote, Principal
Fine Print Editorial

Coaching Clients


"Dale has been a life changer for me both personally and professionally! Not only has she helped me create a unique and strong resume and an effective Linkedin profile, she has also helped me specify my strengths and values in order for me to find the career that is best for me. I truly believe she utilizes the most effective methods to help you find the perfect job and career path for YOU as an individual."

Tatum Wade, Business Development Representative
Oracle Netsuite


"Prior to working with Dale, I was already running my own successful business, raised my
children, had a happy marriage and my Ph.D. Life was good by standard measures ... but I was
trying do to it all and drowning in the process. Through Dale's incredible knowledge and
processes, we uncovered my true strengths, gifts and values, WHY, and what is Essential in my
life and how to make it actionable... THIS IS LIFE CHANGING STUFF! I honestly cannot thank Dale enough for helping me break through my mask and teaching me how to live a life with meaning where I can shine!"

Dr. Tam Stone, CEO
TSI Interiors


"Dale has literally helped me build my thoughts and vision into a concrete business that I am
proud to share with the world. She not only helped me develop my personal and business
brand, understand my WHY, my values, and my strengths but she has helped me to move
confidently as a woman and business owner. Dale is the real deal."

Ashley Carter, CEO
Leadhership Athletics


“Dale is absolutely amazing, and her coaching and the resources provided through Your
Authentic Personality have changed my life for the better. She meets you where you are at and
joins your journey. She is inspiring, authentic, motivating, and one of my top role models.”

Kathryn Sweet, Owner
Elite Doodles


"The practical information Dale shares and her ability to communicate it in applicable ways has been transformative personally and professionally. I use the skills of understanding personalities as well as knowing my purpose, vision, and mission daily!"

Christen Hardee-Thompson, Head Coach Women’s Softball
Menlo College


"Dale has helped me to hone in on what's important with my business as well as with my personal life. I have a tendency to have too many irons in the fire and with Dale's coaching, I have identified what is essential to build my business and my personal relationships." 

Susie Goodwin, CEO
Miracles in Parenting

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