The Doer

Bold. That’s your word.

It’s large and big. Bold fits everything you do. It’s a word that validates who you are and all that you can do as a Doer.

Live life at full throttle.

Lead the way.

Take risks.

Try new things.

Doer Strengths

It’s not easy being a Doer, especially as a woman. Your type is strong and powerful, descriptors that seem more masculine than feminine. You are gutsy and fierce, ready to fight for those you love. You leap into action and tackle projects with a tenacity that leaves others scratching their heads and questioning your level of caffeine intake.

Doers are a bit of a rarity. The Institute for Motivational Living reports that only about three to ten percent of people share your personality type.

So, inhabit your incredible talents and the power with which God has gifted you. Make an impact on your family. Don’t let anyone but the Lord set your pace. Don’t worry about the haters who call you bossy and controlling. Yes, you have weaknesses like everyone else, but don’t let anyone or anything keep you from being bold.

Dear Doer, you are a zoom-zoom mom who is quick to act, quick to solve problems, and quick to take on responsibility. You serve your family with strength, strong will, your confidence, willingness to take risks and overcome obstacles.

If Improvers like things the Right Way, Stabilizers like things Our Way, and Connecters like things the Fun Way, you like things My Way, because you know just what needs to be done. You value time and results and are always wondering, Did I make an impact? 

Top 5 Superpowers

Here’s a list of your top 5 superpowers, those qualities you possess that the rest of us can’t even begin to touch.


Famous Doers

Modern day examples of your type are Madonna, Oprah, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Kelly Clarkson, and Kris Kardashian. Fictional Connecters include Lucy (Peanuts), Miss Piggy, Sheldon (Big Bang Theory), Monica (Friends), and Dwight (The Office).

Learn More

If you’d like to hear more about your Top 5 Superpowers and the ways that you uniquely love and serve your family, check out the Doer Minibook or What’s Your Mom Type? Discovering God’s Design for You to learn much more.

There are four Authentic Personality Types:

Doers: Motivators who direct, dominate, and get stuff done.

Stabilizers: Peace-lovers who comfort, calm, and listen.

Connecters: Communicators who inspire, energize, and make life fun.

Improvers: Thinkers who prepare, plan, and perfect.

If Doer is your major, one of these types could be your minor. They are probably the type of your boss, husband, best friend, or children. Become a student of the people in your life in order to communicate, collaborate, and motivate them today.