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To get the most out of this online course:

  1. Take the Mom Quiz
  2. Get the book, What’s Your Mom Type? Discovering God’s Design for Moms OR
  3. Get your Mom Type ebook (scroll to the bottom of the page)
  4. Print off the handouts before you listen to the audio training.
  5. Take time after each module to complete the coaching questions.
  6. Talk with someone about your answers and subsequent goals to so that you can fully steward God’s design for you as a mom.

Let’s Get Started on Your Life to the Full!

Module 1 – The NOBILITY of an Authentic Life: Your Unique Reflection of God

Learn about your slice of God’s image and the strengths you were given by your Heavenly Father.

Your Authentic Nobility Audio Training

Your Mom Strengths Handout

Your Godly Reflection Handout

Your Mom Skills Handout

Module 2 - The HUMILITY of an Authentic Life: What’s Wrong with Me as a Mom?

Understand your personality weaknesses, the strengths they source from, and how to manage them without obsessing over them.

Your Authentic Humility Audio Training

Your Mom Weaknesses Handout

Module 3 - The ALIGNMENT of an Authentic Life: Making Godly Decisions for Your Family

Identify your values, the hidden rudder of your heart, so that you can direct your choices according to God’s will for you.

Your Authentic Alignment Audio Training

Your Mom Values Handout

Decision Making Example

Core Values Worksheet

Sample Values by Mom Type

Module 4 - The EMOTIONS of an Authentic Life: Identifying Your Mom Stressors

Evaluate your self-care needs and practices, understand your mom trigger and stressors and learn how to identify your emotions.

Your Authentic Emotions Audio Training

Self-Care Quiz

Your Mom Stressors Handout

Your Mom Feelings Wheel

Module 5 - The TRUTH of an Authentic Life: Fighting the Lie of Your Mom Type

Identify the voice of your inner critic and understand how it’s different than the voice of God. Overcome the lie your Mom Type believes with this five step process.

Your Authentic Truth Audio Training

Your Mom Truth Handout

Your Mom Lie Handout

Module 6 - The DISTINCTION of an Authentic Life: Boundaries for Your Mom Type

Learn how boundaries and over-responsibility affects you as a mom. Determine your Mom Type place on the drama triangle and how to create intentional, instead of reactive, yeses and nos.

Your Authentic Boundaries Audio Training

Boundaries Quiz

Drama Triangle Handout

Boundary Behaviors Handout

*Criticism Reveal Growth Areas

Module 7 - The CONFIDENCE of an Authentic Life: Leading Your Kids Well

Kick the comparisons of mom life by understanding your unique leadership approach. Identify the personality type of your children and learn to affirm their slice of God’s image with these 20 one-liners.

Your Authentic Leadership Audio Training

Your Mom Lead Handout

Your Child’s Slice Handout

Identify Your Child’s Authentic Personality

Module 8 - The PURPOSE of an Authentic Life: Living Your Mom Mission

Craft a vision and mission statement for your family to keep focused on your unique purpose as a mom.

Your Authentic Mission Audio Training

Your Mom Vision Handout

Your Mom Mission Handout

Sample Mission Verbs and Values

*Your Authentic Life Wheel

About Dale


Dale Wilsher is a Professional Life and Career Coach (PCC, CPLC) and DISC Personality Consultant who works with solopreneurs, career transitioners, and growth-oriented moms who feel pressured to be everything to everyone but who want to love intentionally while they live purposefully.

Dale uses her proprietary system, the Eight Essentials of Abundant Living, to provide her audiences and clients with definition to who they are so they’ll have direction for what they do. She’s newly married and the mother to four daughters, ages 16, 19, 21, and 23. They live an authentic life to the full in Boulder, Colorado.