What We Believe


At Your Authentic Personality® we know that you want to do inspiring work and make a real difference in the world. In order to do that, you need to get beyond what you know about yourself to understand your true meaning and all the potential your purpose can generate. The problem is that it’s hard to read your label from inside the jar which makes you feel frustrated, lost, and doomed to the hamster wheel of life.


I believe that every individual and every business has a significant meaning just waiting to be tapped. Your meaning matters, not only to yourself and your family, but to the world at large. Don’t let it go to waste. Now is the time, when these questions of definition and direction are stirring, to refuse to settle and instead take that next bold step into a future of deep fulfillment and meaning.


I know it’s not easy. I know it’s a risk, but it’s one you won’t ever regret.


I’ve spent thousands of hours coaching and instructing individuals, teams, and organizations on how to define and implement their unique design and authentic purpose.


First, we create your comprehensive strength blueprint which includes your WHAT (what you do best), HOW (how you do it distinctively), and WHY (why you do it at all). This remarkable insight uncovers hidden passion and provides authentic direction.


Next, I help you sort through all your options and see new possibilities that align with your meaning. We then craft and implement a customized strategy that puts your purpose into motion. This might include a new resume, a new website, or a brand new plan of attack as we launch you into an inspiring future.


Finally, we address the three major obstacles to a life of meaning: limiting beliefs, weak boundaries, and emotional triggers. I help you identify and overcome the thoughts and behaviors that compromise your relationships and threaten your work so that you can protect and enjoy your very best life.


So, book a call and in the meantime, take my quiz, Are You Living Your Fullest Life?, so you can stop coasting and start contributing yourself to a world that desperately needs your full impact.


In your corner,