Don't let the STRESS of Coronavirus
wreck your work or ruin your marriage

√  Trying to stay sharp at work but feeling distracted and depleted?

√  Growing weary of your home or the people you love?

√  Worried about the future and how you are going to adjust?

Learn the secrets of work productivity and family tranquility in our 6 week virtual workshop...


Workshop sessions meet at 7pm MST
Wednesday nights from May 20-June 24

Week #1
May 20, 2020

MOTIVATION: The personality and productivity keys that unlock energy and action to get you moving when you're feeling stuck.

Week #2
May 27, 2020

COMMUNICATION: The personality secrets to speaking to hear others, be heard yourself, without anyone getting triggered.

Week #3
June 3, 2020

ORGANIZATION: The time management tools needed to create order and structure especially if you're working from home.

Week #4
June 10, 2020

APPRECIATION: The positive psychology antidotes you can use right now to counteract judgment and negativity.

Week #5
June 17, 2020

RELAXATION: The proven brain methods to counteract anxiety and calm your mind so you can think straight.

Week #6
June 24, 2020

REINVENTION: The innovation techniques needed to pivot and reimagine your life when everything has changed.

Hi, I'm Dale Wilsher, owner of Your Authentic Personality.

I'm a professional life coach, author, and motivational speaker. I am hired by driven people and organizations who are pressured to be everything to everyone but what they want is to embrace their distinction and serve with intention. 

I usually work with women, but in this workshop I'll be working with women and men, especially if you are sheltering together, because we are all in this together. We are going to address productivity and people issues in all aspects of life because for many of us, home and work have melded into one. 

I'll be hosting these workshops with my husband, Jeff, who works in the healthcare industry. I'll do the teaching but we will both bring our individual experiences as Covid survivors, front line worker, husband, wife, parent, director, employee, and business owner to the discussion.

For the next 6 weeks, we invite you to learn and grow with someone you love. We'll provide positive topics for you to  discuss, practical tools for you to apply, and hopeful insights filled with potential and possibility. We believe that with the right tools and mindset, this pandemic can truly change your life and relationships for the better.

So join us! What have you got to lose?


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