Are You Living YOUR Fullest Life?

Are you empty, running at half capacity, or committed to a life at full strength?


Whatever state you are in right now, there are eight essentials that you'll need to live or continue to live YOUR fullest life. Run through the list to see where your life might have a leak or need regular maintenance. Next, download the tool for that particular essential to fill back up, live at full strength, and start to overflow into the lives of others.


Know Your Strengths

There is a nobility woven into your authentic design that was bestowed upon you to own, express, and contribute. To live authentically is to know and steward your unique strengths for the benefit of all. To become all you were meant to be, you'll need a comprehensive strength blueprint.

Start by taking this Personality Test to identify your unique strengths or take the Motivated Mom Quiz to get clear on your unique motivators.


Accept Your Limits

Humility, an honest assessment of your abilities, is a crucial element to living a full and abundant life.  Accepting your weaknesses will allow you to manage your limits instead of hiding or obsessing over them. Owning them will allow you  to appreciate and connect with others who can fill your gaps.

Use the Personality Weakness Chart & coaching questions to accept your limits and live humbly and nobly.


Align Your Values

The intangibles that are most important to you often lie dormant or hidden from view, causing you confusion and frustration in daily decisions and life choices. When you identify your core values, you'll open the door to your ideal life and work map and be able to pursue environments and experiences that will fill you up.

Use this Core Values Mini Questionnaire to understand your motivations and identify your top values.


Identify Your Emotions

If not understood, your emotions will control you, limit your productivity, and strain your relationships. Labeling your feelings, discerning your stressors, and identifying the authentic needs behind them all, will allow you to connect to others and care for yourself in new and healthy ways.

Use this Feelings Wheel to start identifying and then acting on your present emotions.


Correct Your Mind

Recognizing the voice of your inner critic is foundational to becoming all that you were designed to be. If you want to live up to your full potential and move beyond the self-imposed ceilings of your past, you’ll need a limiting belief overhaul to exchange your negative thoughts for empowering ideals.

Take a look at the most common Limiting Beliefs and learn how to overturn them.


Set Your Boundaries

One of the hardest words for women to say is no, and yet without clear definition of your desires and responsibilities you’ll be tempted to take on or give away too much. Knowing what to say and how to say it, your personal boundaries script, is a must for considerate courage and abundant living.

Take this Boundaries Quiz to see how well you are defined.


Act On Your Goals

One of the strongest predictors of confidence in women is the ability to act rather than ruminate or please. The use of practical time management and productivity tools is necessary for action and achievement and to keep the urgent demands you face from hijacking an authentic and abundant life.

Start with a Time Audit of your day to honestly assess where you've got leaks in your schedule that are draining your passion and purpose.


Live Your Purpose

Without vision, people perish, so it’s critical that you know where you are going in order to attain a life to the full. Crafting your own vision, mission, and purpose statements will keep you from drift,  distraction, and direct your steps so you can get the life and career of your dreams.

Craft a two word purpose statement as a combination of a verb and a value. Using your personality type, pick from these choices on the Life Purpose chart.

If you would like to design your fullest life and embrace your truest work, I'd love to help! As a life and career coach I provide clear direction that is uniquely designed for your inspiring and impactful future.

Is your schedule bossing you around?

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