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Meet Dale Wilsher.

How did you get interested in personality?

It started when I was in graduate school pursuing a doctoral degree in molecular biology. I was miserable and not doing well. While I found the information interesting, I knew that I needed a more social environment (because no one there talked), and one that was less theoretical and more practical. Instead of believing that there was something wrong with me-a constant fear of mine-I realized that I was in the wrong environment for my personality and wouldn’t be able to live up to my full potential. So I left. I took a job as a microbiologist for a pharmaceutical company then became a sales rep for that division—a much better fit.

Once my first daughter was born, I hung up my briefcase for full-time motherhood and immersed myself in caring for my kids. During those years I lost sight of who I was and what I had to offer.  I could only see my weaknesses and was unaware of my strengths, until a friend introduced me to the 4 Personality Types.  The information was revolutionary for me, and for the first time I understood my personality to be a blessing instead of a curse.   

I began to study temperament theory and then got certified as a DISC personality trainer and consultant.

When did you start coaching?

I’ve probably been coaching women for years, but formally it began when I became a certified professional life coach CPLC in 2014 and later an ACC accredited coach.  I’ve been working with women (and a few men) all around the country who long to live an abundant life filled with passion and purpose, fulfilling their true potential.  

What kind of groups do you speak to?

If I’m training on the DISC, I speak to businesses, nonprofits, and ministries. Otherwise, I speak to faith-based women’s groups, MOPS groups, and parenting organizations on the topics of authentic faith and design.

Why do you value authenticity? 

Because it’s refreshing, courageous, and absolutely beautiful.  It’s a prerequisite for real connection with God and others as well as the truth that can set us free.

What makes you feel strong?

 Hot yoga, Orange Theory, and loud music with some serious bass.

What do you love to do with your daughters?

Savannah (22) and I love to do road trips together.  Whenever she has a new internship or is heading back to college, she loads up the car and we hit the road together.  We’re both Doers, so we love to drive fast and catch up along the way. 

Casey (20) and I had a blast training for and running a half-marathon together.  She’s very athletic and a great talker (Connecter) so she kept the energy up and made it fun. These days we like to hike together.

Caroline (18) is my Doer fashion consultant.  She tells me what to do with my hair, makeup and wardrobe (so I can look my age but not too frumpy). I trust her wisdom and love her advice.  We also love to talk about human behavior and deeper stuff.

Ansley (15), my Improver, enjoys going to hot yoga with me. We stretch together, sweat together, and she always does the poses just right. She can even do oversplits. That’s when your splits go beyond 180 degrees. Crazy.

What will you never do again?

 Host my own Airbnb.