Meet Dale Wilsher.

It’s easy to feel stuck when you’re either considering or facing a new season of life. I help women start moving forward by providing direction that is uniquely designed for an inspiring and impactful future.

When did you start coaching?

I’ve probably been coaching women for years because I’m passionate about personal development, but formally it began when I became a certified professional life coach, CPLC, in 2014 and a PCC credentialed coach with the International Coach Federation. I started my business coaching growth-oriented moms and now I work with driven women from all walks of life who feel the pressure to be everything to everyone and what they want is definition and direction so they can love intentionally while they live purposefully.

How did you get interested in personality?

It started when I was in graduate school pursuing a doctoral degree in molecular biology. I was miserable and not doing well. While I found the information interesting, I knew that I needed a more social environment, and one that was less theoretical and more practical. I just wanted to talk about our weekend plans while we set up our gel electrophoresis and do something with the results. Instead of believing that nagging lie that there was something wrong with me, I realized that I was in the wrong environment and wouldn’t be able to contribute or thrive. So, I left. I took a job as a microbiologist for a pharmaceutical company then became a sales rep for that division—a much better fit.

Once my first daughter was born, I hung up my briefcase for full-time motherhood and immersed myself in caring for my kids. During those years I lost sight of who I was and what I had to offer. I could only see my weaknesses and was unaware of my strengths, until a friend introduced me to the four personality types. The information was revolutionary for me, and for the first time I understood my personality to be a blessing instead of a curse, and preparation for all that God had planned for my future.  

Today I am a Certified Behavioral Consultant who trains teams and businesses on personality differences to create a culture of kindness and respect in the workplace. I’m also an author of the Amazon best-seller and EVVY award winning book, What’s Your Mom Type: Discovering God’s Design for You, to help women apply their greatest strengths to their parenting.

Why did you write the book?

One of the populations with the most pressure to be everything to everyone is moms. There are so many expectations about what a good mom is and does that moms get confused about who they are supposed to be. I want moms to know that God has already spoken on that issue in the form of their Authentic Personality. I want moms to have the confidence to be their unique slice of His image, to own their strengths and needs, so they can hold their heads high and be their very best for their families.

What kind of groups do you speak to?

If I’m training on the DISC, I speak to businesses and nonprofit groups. Otherwise, I speak to professional women’s groups, business owners, and healthcare workers—anyone who feels the pressure to be everything to everyone—so they can get clear on who they are and live out what they have been designed to do.

Why do you value authenticity?  

Because it’s refreshing, courageous, and absolutely beautiful. I believe authenticity is the foundation for all the good things: abundance, connection, and ultimate impact.

What makes you feel strong?

Hot yoga, the fast lane, and loud music with some serious bass. Also, having great conversations with my four empowered daughters and spending time with my smokin’ hot husband. 

Is your schedule bossing you around?

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