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Are you a...

D   Dominant and Driven?

I   Influencing and Inspiring?

S  Steady and Stable? 

C  Correct and Conscientious?

If you've ever wondered about the specific strengths you have to offer or how to develop your leadership skills...

If you're curious as to why certain things bother you that don't seem to bother anyone else...

If you've ever struggled to communicate with a coworker or motivate an employee...


Dale Wilsher, certified DISC Trainer, describes personality and personality masks


One of the easiest and most effective tools for personal and professional development is the DISC Personality Profile. In only 10 minutes you'll get a fifteen page report identifying your DISC style and much more: 

  • Detailed description of your personality style and what it all means
  • Understanding of what you have to offer and what your unique motivaters
  • Identification of areas of weaknesses and ways for you to grow 
  • Tips for enhancing communication with each personality type  
  • Insight into how others see you and what style you exhibit under pressure
  • Action plan for developing your strengths and managing your weaknesses


The DISC assessment is the most widely used personality assessment in corporate America, providing organizations with a proven tool to enhance communication and collaboration, maximize engagement, and improve job satisfaction.

Training workshops, designed to be fun, informative and productive, vary in length. Two hour, half day and full day workshops are available. These sessions include ice-breakers and group activities, detailed explanation of individual and group personality reports, as well as a comprehensive overview of all four DISC types—their communication style, needs, fears, strengths, priorities, and weaknesses. All workshops include a follow-up email program to keep DISC alive and relevant in your day to day interactions.

Additional keynotes & workshops based on DISC personality types:

  • Leading with Kindness and Strength: How to Leverage your Personal Style
  • Confidence: How to Build Decisive Action for Natural and Nurtured Leaders
  • Using your Strengths to Rise: How your hidden strengths have equipped you for resiliency

    What attendees are saying:

    “DISC has created a culture of kindness and respect in our workplace.”

    “Now I know how to communicate productively with my coworkers and resolve the conflicts we’ve been having.”

    “Dale has helped us understand our unique strengths and motivators so we can maximize our individual potential.”  

    "Dale is an excellent story teller and does a great job leveraging technology for both visual and auditory learners. Having seen her live DISC presentation, I can say that she is just as engaging virtually." -Cynthia Molina, CEO Boulder Valley Women’s Health

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